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Ring lost in US 47 years ago is found buried in a Finnish forest

In 1973, a teenage Debra McKenna accidentally left her future husband’s ring in a department store in the US town of Brunswick Maine. Fast forward 47 years and it has been found by a sheet metal worker – buried in a Finnish forest. Ms McKenna, 63, lost the ring in Portland when she was a student at Morse High School,… Read more →

‘Technosignatures’ could help in search for alien life

Scientists are developing techniques to detect signatures from space in their search for alien life. The Very Large Array (VLA) telescope, at the National Radio Astronomy Observatory (NARO) site in Socorro, New Mexico, will be used to constantly seek evidence of technosignatures. A technosignature is a proxy for the existence of a technologically advanced, extraterrestrial civilisation, according to scientists at… Read more →

Man lands Valentine’s date after advertising himself on a billboard

A single man has managed to bag himself a Valentine’s date – after spending more than £400 to advertise himself on a billboard. Mark Rofe took the drastic measure after becoming fed up with online dating, and seeing all his close friends get married. The 30-year-old bought the ad space in Manchester – and has since had more than 2,000… Read more →

Dropped calls: Half of Britons take their mobile phones to the toilet

Half of British adults take their mobile phone with them into the toilet, a poll suggests. A further 16% admitted taking their tablet with them for company, while 4% are accompanied by a games console. Aside from the health and hygiene risks, the Direct Line Home Insurance survey indicates that there may be other dangers. The poll found that 40%… Read more →

Fox causes havoc after breaking into parliament

A cunning fox has managed to break into parliament and evade capture from the authorities. The mammal was spotted climbing an escalator into the main building where MPs’ offices are. It was spotted by staff wandering round Portcullis House, having out-foxed police and security guards and made it as far as the cafe and then up to the fourth floor.… Read more →

Being fussy eaters shows cuttlefish have big brains

Just as a human might eat less for dinner if they know dessert is on the menu, scientists say cuttlefish also prioritise their food. The marine creatures love eating shrimp and if they know it’s available in the evening, they will eat fewer crabs during the day. Researchers say making decisions based on expectations reveals the cuttlefish’s “complex cognitive abilities”.… Read more →

Longer winter or early spring? Groundhog Punxsutawney Phil’s prediction

He’s an animal that gained worldwide fame by featuring in the 1993 Hollywood film Groundhog Day. Now it that’s time again when Punxsutawney Phil in Pennsylvania makes his prediction – the 134th – about whether it will be an early spring or six more weeks of winter. The planet’s most famous groundhog has declared it will be the former –… Read more →

Can you pull a tyre off a crocodile’s neck?

Indonesian authorities are offering a reward to anyone that is able to free a crocodile which has a tyre stuck around its neck. The 13-foot-long crocodile has had the motorcycle tyre around its neck for more than three years, prompting officials to ask experienced conservationists for help. Officials did not say how much was on offer for releasing the tyre,… Read more →

Police drop off Big Mac meal after delivery driver’s car is seized

A McDonald’s takeaway was delivered to a customer by the police after the courier’s car was seized. Officers pulled over the vehicle in Gedling, Nottinghamshire, on Tuesday night and discovered the driver did not have the correct level of insurance cover. Luckily, the McDonald’s customer didn’t miss out on their Big Mac and fries as officers delivered the fast food… Read more →