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Indian officials claim Pakistan ‘spy’ pigeon captured

A pigeon suspected of being trained to “spy” by Pakistan has been captured in India along one of the world’s most contested borders, Indian officials said. They said the bird was carrying a “coded message” and was caught by villagers in Manyari, along the border which separates Indian and Pakistan-controlled parts of Kashmir. Security agencies are trying to decipher the… Read more →

Scientists went ‘cuckoo’ due to laughing gas from penguin poo

Scientists have reported getting so high on the nitrous oxide emitted by penguin poo that it actually made them ill. The levels of nitrous oxide, more commonly known as laughing gas, given off by the colony’s faeces was about 100 times higher than in a fertilised field. Professor Bo Elberling, from the University of Copenhagen, said the “truly intense” amount… Read more →

Newly released film offers final glimpse of extinct Tasmanian tiger

Footage has been released of what is thought to be the last images of the extinct Tasmanian tiger. The 21-second film was released by the National Film And Sound Archive Of Australia and is part of a forgotten travelogue, Tasmania The Wonderland, made in 1935. It shows a tiger named Benjamin pacing around his enclosure at Beaumaris Zoo in the… Read more →

US military jet had encounter with ‘silver UFO the size of suitcase’

New details have been released about encounters between US navy aircraft and “unidentified aerial phenomena” after the Pentagon declassified three videos last month. “Hazard reports” from the Navy Safety Center, first published by the website Drive, reveal an incident where a pilot encountered an “unknown aircraft” which was “approximately the size of a suitcase, and silver in colour”. During the… Read more →

Male or female dinosaurs? Scientists have made mistakes

A lot of mistakes have been made when it comes to distinguishing between male and female dinosaurs, new research suggests. Debate over whether palaeontologists have been accurately identifying the sex of dinosaur fossils has been rumbling on for many years. Despite previous claims of success, new research led by academics at Queen Mary University of London has proven it is… Read more →

Strip club offers drive-thru service during US lockdown

A strip club in Portland, Oregon, has found a novel way to stay afloat during the coronavirus pandemic. The Lucky Devil Lounge transformed itself into Lucky Devil Eats, which has dancers deliver food, and Food 2 Go-Go, a drive-up service where takeout orders come with an in-car experience that includes performances, music and lights under canopies. After closing in March… Read more →

Five-year-old pulled over by cops on his way to buy a Lamborghini

An enterprising five-year-old boy who was pulled over while driving his mum’s car in Utah, told the trooper he was on the way to California to buy a Lamborghini. The unnamed Utah Highway Patrol officer told a news conference that he initiated a traffic stop on what he thought might be a drunk driver or someone experiencing a medical emergency… Read more →

Flamingos enjoy quieter roads and cleaner air in Mumbai

As Mumbai’s humans are told to stay at home, the flamingos are taking over the city. Millions of the city’s human residents are at home to limit the spread of COVID-19, which has killed more than 235,000 people worldwide. But tens of thousands of flamingos have arrived to turn the lakes and wetlands pink. Flamingos are among the migratory birds… Read more →

Three-year-old girl goes viral after handling large sheep like an expert

A three-year-old girl has stolen the hearts of many after a video of her expertly handling her large sheep went viral. The video of Barley Brook Sellar, dressed in a smart checked shirt, white coat and boots, has been viewed 1.5 million times since it was posted at lunchtime on Thursday. Filmed by her mother, Caitlin Jenkins, the little girl… Read more →