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Vicar accidentally sets arm on fire while recording virtual sermon

A vicar was left red-faced after accidentally setting his arm on fire while recording a virtual sermon. Reverend Stephen Beach was performing the service online as people across the UK stay at home to help stop the spread of coronavirus. In the video, the vicar of St Budeaux Parish Church in Plymouth had his jumper set on fire as he… Read more →

Just like Frozen: Homes encased in ice after freezing temperatures

Lakeside homes in the US have been covered in three feet of ice after two days of gale-force winds. Residents in Hamburg, New York, woke up to find their homes covered in icicles over the weekend. Photographs from the town show the properties, which sit yards from Lake Erie, and nearby trees completely encased in ice – which locals have… Read more →

Secret behind dogs’ cold noses revealed by scientists

Researchers believe they have solved the mystery surrounding dogs’ noses and why they are so cold. A study revealed the phenomenon is down to their sniffers serving as ultra-sensitive heat detectors – and not anything to do with body temperature regulation. Scientists in Sweden and Hungary found that when the ambient temperature was 30C, a dog’s rhinarium – or the… Read more →

Trump’s ex-doctor hid veg in his food to help him lose weight

Donald Trump’s former physician has revealed he used to put cauliflower in the US president’s mashed potatoes in his failed efforts to help him lose weight. Dr Ronny Jackson, who is now running to be a Republican congressman, has also said he wanted to introduce exercise machines at the White House. His goal was to help Mr Trump shed between… Read more →

Tory MP reveals why he took on ‘loud mouth bully’ in wrestling ring

A Conservative MP has revealed why he swapped the House of Commons for a wrestling ring in defence of his home city. Paul Bristow, the MP for Peterborough, explained to Sky News how he chose to take on a “loud mouth bully” following a Twitter spat. The 40-year-old entered the ring with Joey Scott last Friday night after taking offence… Read more →

Unsavoury characters? Suspects appear on pancakes

Several images of wanted suspects have been created on pancakes by a police force which is asking the public for help to “whisk them away” on Shrove Tuesday. Surrey Police has posted digitally-enhanced photos on social media of people they want to speak to. In a tweet, it said: “We’ve asked Crepe Artiste Philippe de Pan to help us locate… Read more →

Baboons ‘go bananas’ after escaping from medical facility in Sydney

A troop of baboons have escaped from a medical research facility in Sydney. Police in New South Wales said the animals had been “going bananas” in the suburb of Camperdown on Tuesday. Footage on social media showed three baboons running past vehicles and shocked onlookers. The Royal Prince Alfred Hospital later confirmed to local media that the animals had escaped.… Read more →

Holely unacceptable: TripAdvisor bans reviews of ‘majestic’ ATM

It has been described as a “one-of-a-kind architectural masterpiece that draws visitors from near and far”. But now, TripAdvisor has suspended reviews to an attraction lovingly referred to as the “NatWest hole” – a circular hole in a wall next to a bank branch’s cash machine. After a flurry of posts from online jokers propelled it to the top five… Read more →

Surfer punches and swears at great white shark to survive attack

A surfer has told how he fought off a great white shark by punching it in the eye after it attacked him. Nick Minogue, from the New Zealand city of Auckland, was bitten by the shark on Saturday at Pauanui Beach in the country’s Coromandel region. He told the NZ Herald: “I was just paddling along and got hit on… Read more →

Natwest hole in the wall joins Tripadvisor top attractions list

In news that will dismay local tour guides, a hole in a wall outside a bank has surpassed beautiful nature reserves and historical churches on the list of a town’s top tourist attractions. Online jokers have hijacked the TripAdvisor page for Ilkeston in Derbyshire, helping the so-called NatWest hole surge into fourth place – only behind Erewash Museum, Straws Bridge… Read more →