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36 Best Presidents’ Day Sales (2020): Mattresses, Kitchenware, Tech

It’s Presidents’ Day! Many of us have the luxury of having the day off. Even if you’re stuck working today, there’s one silver lining: The dozens of Presidents’ Day deals. Everyone knows now is a great time to buy a mattress, but we’ve found deals on everything from backpacks to robot vacuums. Feel like browsing on your own? Scroll to… Read more →

A Car ‘Splatometer’ Study Finds Huge Insect Die-Off

This story originally appeared on The Guardian and is part of the Climate Desk collaboration. Two scientific studies of the number of insects splattered by cars have revealed a huge decline in abundance at European sites in two decades. The research adds to growing evidence of what some scientists have called an “insect apocalypse,” which is threatening a collapse in… Read more →

Meet the Sulfur Miners Risking Their Lives Inside a Volcano

To celebrate his wife’s birthday last year, Canadian photographer Larry Louie took her to a sulfur mine. That wasn’t the plan—their original itinerary was in Bali. But after a couple of days in that tourist-plagued paradise, they began looking for something a little less commercialized. A bit of online research led Louie to the sulfur mines of the dormant Mt.… Read more →

The *Stranger Things* Season 4 Trailer Is Full of Surprises

Hello, and welcome to another edition of The Monitor, WIRED’s entertainment news roundup. Today might be a holiday in the US, but that doesn’t mean there’s not plenty of news to get through, including some updates on Stranger Things and The Batman. Let’s get going. Here’s the First Stranger Things Season 4 Trailer [embedded content] The first trailer for the… Read more →

How a Street-Smart Supercar Got Ready for the Racetrack

Late in the night at Daytona International Speedway last month, a January chill settles over the usually warm Florida coast that hosts the Rolex 24 Hours of Daytona endurance race. Just under the halfway point, in the garages and pit lanes of the Acura race teams, something equally discordant has materialized: Nothing. It was quiet, serene even–well, except for the… Read more →

7 Best Action Cameras (2020): GoPro, DJI, Insta360

Choosing the right action camera used to be simple: Go with GoPro. It’s still good advice. The GoPro ranks high on our list and would be our top pick for most people. But finally, we’ve found a few worthy competitors. To figure out which camera is the best, we tried them all. We dove with them, climbed with them, biked… Read more →

The Hottest New Literary Genre Is ‘Doomer Lit’

Last year, novelist, bird lover, and wind-turbine hater Jonathan Franzen wrote a curious essay about climate change. In it, he argued that humanity will fail to divert global disaster. Radical collective action is needed to save the planet, he said, but human nature is incompatible with making the necessary changes. The essay—titled “What If We Stopped Pretending?”—vexed a wide-ranging coalition… Read more →

Today’s Cartoon: Like Father, Like Son

Monday, February 17, 2020. By Heather Loase, with Why one writer monitors his teens’ electronic devices—and why you should, too. (And here’s a brief history of porn on the internet.) Every weekday, WIRED publishes a new cartoon about the worlds of science and technology. Check back here for more laughs throughout the week. And if that’s still not enough,… Read more →

Qanon Deploys ‘Information Warfare’ to Influence the 2020 Election

On dedicated boards on Endchan and 8kun, Qanon posters monitor news and political content on Twitter. They build lists of hashtags to target, generate content and memes relating to the day’s political developments, and share advice about how to create new social media accounts with plausible fake personas. The goal, broadly speaking, is to flood social media with pro-Trump, pro-Republican,… Read more →

Wikipedia Is the Last Best Place on the Internet

The site’s innovations have always been cultural rather than computational. It was created using existing technology. This remains the single most underestimated and misunderstood aspect of the project: its emotional architecture. Wikipedia is built on the personal interests and idiosyncrasies of its contributors; in fact, without getting gooey, you could even say it is built on love. Editors’ passions can… Read more →