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Diamond Chip – A Unique Luxury Fabric Infused With Microscopic Diamond Fragments

What do you get a man who can buy anything himself? Well, it better be something special, and high end fabric manufacturer Scabal may have what you’re looking for – a diamond-infused fabric that shimmers discretely but is surprisingly comfortable to wear. In 2001, Belgian textile company Scabal changed the luxury fabric industry forever by introducing, Diamond Chip, an exclusive… Read more →

High in the Alps, Giant Blankets Slow a Glacier’s Ice Melt

For 150 years tourists have been traveling to the town of Belvédère, high in the Alps of southern Switzerland, for the chance to walk inside a glacier. Around 1870, a local family had the idea of digging a shallow, 100-meter tunnel into the side of the Rhône Glacier, one of Europe’s largest. Paying visitors could walk through a frozen grotto… Read more →

Virgin Orbit’s Air-Launched Rocket Fails Its First Test

On Monday afternoon, a Boeing 747 with a bright red tail emblazoned with “VIRGIN” departed from Mojave Air and Space Port. Tucked under its port side wing was LauncherOne, a liquid-fueled rocket loaded with a dummy payload. The plane—known as Cosmic Girl—was headed for a patch of airspace over the Pacific just off the California coast near Catalina Island; LauncherOne… Read more →

This Citizen Science Gig Pays People to Match Space Photos

A few months ago, Kim Griffith was gainfully employed, bouncing between two jobs she loved: directing dance shows on Royal Caribbean cruises and teaching hot yoga in Baltimore, where she lives when on land. “That’s what I do in real life,” she says, laughing in a way one might call “rueful.” She means, of course, the real life of the… Read more →

8 Best Cheap Laptops For 2020: Our Picks for $700 or Less

If your budget is tight and you want the most bang for your buck, or you just want to keep something out of the landfill, the used or refurbished laptop market is worth considering. I’ve had great luck buying used laptops on eBay from all sorts of sellers (both pro and regular people). To score the best deal, make sure… Read more →

Talented Tattoo Artist Specializes in ‘Double Vision’ Tattoos

Looking at the tattoos of Mexican artist Yatzil Elizalde, your first reflex is to squint, thinking there is something wrong with your eyes, but it’s just the artist’s unique ‘blurry effect’ style playing tricks on you. Coming up with a unique tattooing style usually requires a lot of experience and confidence, so it was really surprising for us to learn… Read more →

7 Best Gaming Headsets for PS4, Xbox, PC, and Switch

The Opus is Razer’s first pair of high-end luxury headphones. They’re a little different from Razer’s usual fare. They’re sleek, luxurious, and you won’t get any second glances wearing them in public. There aren’t even any glowing snakes, the logo that Razer usually slaps onto all its products—just a slick midnight blue finish and plush leatherette earcups. They work wired… Read more →

How an Immunology Blog Became a Covid-19 Guide to Going Out

Indeed they are. What studies have been the most informative for you as far as assessing the risks of various places and activities? It’s not so much been any one individual publication, but rather the conversations that scientists are having on Twitter. There’s an epidemiologist at Boston University named Ellie Murray, who put together a feed of the 60 most… Read more →

Covid-19 Flares Up in America’s Polluted ‘Sacrifice Zones’

Air is political. Research indicates race is the biggest predictor of whether a person lives near a heavily polluted area. Covid-19 is especially lethal for patients with respiratory problems. Now researchers are studying whether air pollution makes Covid-19 illnesses more severe. They are especially concerned with so-called sacrifice zones, areas with pervasive exposure to toxic emissions. For activists, the Covid-19… Read more →